Homicide charges include murder, manslaughter, vehicular manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide.  All of these counts include an action, intentional, reckless or negligent, that ultimately results in the death of another person.  Homicides are complex crimes to defend, varying greatly on of the specific facts of the case and the particular crime charged.  All homicide charges are felonies.  The most common charge is Murder in the Second Degree, which if convicted, carries a sentence range from 15 years to life to 25 years to life.  With such serious punishments, most homicide cases should, and do, go to trial. 

Homicide charges are the most serious category of charges in our criminal justice system. Only the most experienced prosecutors and police investigators handle these cases and they go to the utmost effort to obtain a conviction. They interview all witnesses, analyze each piece of evidence, try to coerce a statement or admission out of every suspect and monitor all the phone calls and letters from any suspect in jail. In these cases, the prosecution usually presents every type of evidence imaginable including fingerprints, DNA, admissions or confessions by the defendant, eyewitness testimony, ballistics, and various types of expert and forensic testimony in order to obtain a conviction.

Clearly an experienced defense attorney with extensive trial experience is an absolute necessity in defending any homicide case. 

Mr. Nobles and Mr. DeCarolis are those attorneys.

  • We have handled and tried numerous homicide cases individually and as a team.
  • Our experience and tenacity have led us to win many of our homicide trials
  • We have handled cases involving every conceivable and recognizable type of evidence including: ballistics, autopsies, DNA, fingerprints, confessions, false statements, eye witness testimony, expert testimony, gun powder residue, accident reconstruction, toxicology, serology, footprint castings, video and audio tapes, crime scene photos, phone and text message records, cell site data, 911 tapes, trace evidence, justification (self-defense) and even the insanity defense. We know how to analyze, challenge and defend against each and every one of these types of evidence.   
  • We always carry out our own investigations and hire our own experts to review the evidence and to uncover other leads in our cases.
  • We have the experience, knowledge and track record to successfully defend homicide cases, or to negotiate a plea deal that is in the best interest of our clients. 

Some career highlights fighting homicide charges:

  • In 2007, Mr. Nobles represented his first client charged with murder and obtained a NOT GUILTY verdict in this first murder trial.
  • In 2008, Mr. Nobles won a homicide case against a team of two prosecutors, one of which was his former supervisor and mentor.
  • In 2009, Mr. Nobles prevented the prosecution from obtaining homicide convictions against his clients four out of five times. In two of those, the clients were found NOT GUILTY of all charges.
  • Also in 2009, Mr. Nobles negotiated a reduction from Murder to Burglary with a 13 year sentence as opposed to the client going to trial and facing the possibility of 25 years to life if convicted (this client did not testify against anyone, but his two co-defendants were both convicted and are currently serving 25 years to life).
  • In 2011, Mr. Nobles successfully defeated a homicide case in the Grand Jury. The case was COMPLETELY DISMISSED within two months of his client's initial arrest.
  • In 2011, Mr. Nobles and Mr. DeCarolis together defended the murder prosecution of a University of Rochester student accused of killing his friend and fellow classmate. He was found NOT GUILTY after a two-week trial based on self-defense.
  • In 2013, Mr. DeCarolis prepared his client to testify in the Grand Jury against the charge of murder in the 2nd degree. The Grand Jury DISMISSED all homicide charges of any kind in less than two weeks after Mr. DeCarolis' client was originally charged.
  • In 2013, Mr. Nobles went to trial against a team of two prosecutors accusing a Pittsford man of murder in the 2nd degree for shooting his former roommate in the back. The jury ACQUITTED Mr. Nobles' client of all charges.

If you are charged with a homicide or any other serious crime, having Nobles & DeCarolis by your side is your best defense. 

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