Being charged in federal court is always serious. It can mean facing anything from small larceny or forgery charges to being indicted as a member of a multi-defendant drug-trafficking or money laundering conspiracy or possession of child pornography. However large or small, all federal cases have one thing in common: the United States Government is prosecuting you with their limitless resources. You have been investigated by the FBI, DEA, ATF, Secret Service, ICE or a combination of federal and state agencies. This makes defending a federal case a complex, time consuming, and expensive process. 

At Nobles & DeCarolis, we handle federal cases on a very selective basis, and only after extensive consultation with the client.  We have had significant successes in defending and negotiating drug conspiracy, child pornography and fraud cases in both the Western District of New York (Rochester and Buffalo) and the Eastern District of New York (Brooklyn). 
If you are charged with a federal crime, contact Nobles & DeCarolis (585) 546-1260 to discuss the possibility of us representing you.