Mr. Nobles and Mr. DeCarolis have each handled thousands of criminal cases, from violations to misdemeanors to felonies. Those listed here are only a sampling of their successes. 

Each case is unique and prior results do not necessarily guarantee a similar outcome.


Possession of a Forged Instrument - CASE DISMISSED

After an investigation by the defense, it became clear that the client did not know the items were forged and that someone else was responsible for putting them on his car. After careful preparation, C.S. testified before the Grand Jury and they DISMISSED the charges.

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NOT GUILTY: Grand Larceny 3rd

At trial, Mr. Nobles exposed the fact that the client and her employer were having a sexual relationship and that the employer had gifted her some of the money and loaned her the rest. The employer admitted during the trial that he had claimed she stole the money so that his wife and children would not find out about the affair.

The client was found NOT GUILTY.

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During the trial the Greece NY police officer was caught fabricating his testimony, and the Judge found the client NOT GUILTY of all the charges.

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CHARGE: Robbery 1st, Robbery 2nd, Kidnapping 2nd, Assault 2nd

In People v. R.R., the client was charged with setting up his long-time friend to be robbed, kidnapped and potentially killed.

When it came to trial, Mr. Nobles proved that the only evidence linking his client to the case was the testimony of the 'victim' who was an admitted long-time drug dealer with two prior felony convictions and another pending felony at the time of trial. Mr. Nobles systematically broke apart the victim's story and showed the jury he was lying.

After several hours of deliberation, the jury found the client NOT GUILTY of ALL COUNTS.

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NOT GUILTY: Robbery 1st, 2nd, Kidnapping 2nd, Assault 2nd

At trial, the client was identified by two separate eye-witnesses. Mr. Nobles vigorously attacked the witnesses' testimonies and exposed numerous inconsistencies between those testimonies and their prior statements to police.

The jury ultimately found the client NOT GUILTY after just a few hours of deliberation.

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After a two-day jury trial where Mr. Nobles called the defendant and another witness who had picked him up from the police station, the jury found the client NOT GUILTY.

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At the hearing the test was thrown out and the officer's credibility was called into question. A few months later at trial, the officer's testimony varied so much from the hearing that the Judge found the client NOT GUILTY on ALL of the CHARGES, even the speeding. His license was reinstated immediately.

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NOT GUILTY: Menacing 2nd

At trial Mr. Nobles exposed proof that the altercation was actually initiated by the police officers and that the client was acting in self-defense. The jury agreed and found the client NOT GUILTY in very short order.

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NOT GUILTY: Murder 2nd

At trial, Mr. Nobles called the credibility of the eyewitness into serious question. The first two trials resulted in hung juries. During the third trial, the prosecution's case fell apart as Mr. Nobles presented two additional witnesses who contradicted their main witness. B.A. was finally ACQUITTED of the charge.

Side note: A&E's highly-rated justice series, Crime 360, covered this case.

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