For most students, going off to college or university is the first time they are living outside the home, independently, and unsupervised. They are focused on furthering their education and taking steps toward building meaningful careers and lives.  Unfortunately, even good kids can find themselves in dangerous situations, being participants in or witnesses to, acts that infringe the school’s code of conduct or break the law.  Unfortunately, when things get out of hand or when the police make mistakes, these students can end up facing criminal charges in a system unfamiliar to them and their parents.  
All colleges have a code of conduct that regulates student behavior on, and many times, off campus.  Criminal convictions, in addition to the legal consequences, carry very serious ramifications including suspension or expulsion, termination of financial aid, grants or loans, and a criminal record that will appear on any background check future employers conduct.  Foreign students may also face deportation.  With such numerous and serious consequences at stake, students need an experienced and trusted advocate who will work closely with them and their families.  
At Nobles & DeCarolis, we have successfully represented students from Rochester Institute of Technology, the University of Rochester, Nazareth College, St. John Fisher College, Roberts Wesleyan College, SUNY Geneseo, SUNY Brockport and Monroe Community College in both criminal courts and before academic disciplinary committees.  The charges included DWI, drug charges, larcenies, hazing and even murder.  We are very familiar with the process and always focus on obtaining a verdict or resolution that will prevent as many serious ramifications as possible.
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