White collar crime encompasses a vast list of charges including: computer tampering, conspiracy, creditor fraud, embezzlement, falsifying business records, forgery, grand larceny, insurance fraud, offering a false instrument for filing, official misconduct, prescription medication violations, tax fraud, unemployment fraud, and welfare fraud among other criminal charges. The most common white collar cases involve the employer/employee relationship or allegedly forged documents. White collar crimes can range from misdemeanors to felonies, and sentencing after a conviction or plea can run from small financial restitution to several years in prison.  

White collar charges are different from other criminal charges and require special defenses. While most criminal prosecutions contain eyewitnesses, fingerprints, DNA, ballistics and other types of “physical evidence,” most white collar crime prosecutions rely heavily on documents. Most prosecutors and defense attorneys do not have the experience to appropriately handle these types of cases. Recognizing this, the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office has three prosecutors assigned solely to their Economic Crimes Bureau.  These three prosecutors are specially trained for white collar crime, and have years of experience and numerous convictions in this area. This is exactly why you need defense attorneys who know how to handle these document-driven cases.
Nobles & DeCarolis is the law firm you want to handle your white collar crime case.
  • We have handled numerous white collar cases in both state and federal court, including many of the charges listed above.
  • We personally know the white collar specialists in the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office. We work with them regularly to favorably resolve cases prior to trial, and we have successfully gone to trial against them.
  • By personally reviewing and organizing all the case documents and performing our own investigations, we have had several clients’ white collar cases dismissed by the Court or the District Attorney’s Office.
  • Unlike many other lawyers, Mr. Nobles has an undergraduate degree in Business Administration and a strong understanding of business operations, accounting and record keeping that can provide key insight in strategy, negotiation and defense of these types of cases.
  • We understand the complexity of white collar cases, and with this combination of business knowledge, trial acumen, and mutually respectful relationships with the D.A.’s office and the U.S. Attorney's Office, we know how to prepare, analyze and plot the tactics needed to successfully defend these cases.


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