James Nobles and Brian DeCarolis are a force to be reckoned with 

James Nobles can easily be considered one of the top trial attorneys in New York. His knowledge of the law, criminal procedure, and presence in the courtroom are unsurpassed and the term "expert" clearly applies to him. Before you ever go into the courtroom, James Nobles is busy behind the scenes researching relevant law, collaborating with other legal professionals, and bringing his investigative team into the process with one goal in mind: giving his clients their best chance of success in a legal system that can be overwhelming and unpredictable at its best.

Working alongside James is Brian DeCarolis, another consummate legal professional with an excellent reputation and tenacious work ethic. Brian diligently and tirelessly works on behalf of his clients, leveraging his expansive knowledge of the law and trial experience to continually deliver results for his clients.

Together, James Nobles and Brian DeCarolis are a force to be reckoned with in the criminal justice system. You would be well served to call upon them should you ever find yourself in the unfortunate position of having to defend yourself legally.  -- Andrew (Google)


James, thank you so much for representing me

Thank you so much for representing me.  I was truly tested by what has happened the last year. God was faithful in many ways, one of the ways was leading me to people who could help me out.  I believe that God definitely had a hand in sending me to you for help.  Without your knowledge of the law, your solid connections with the District Attorney's office, and your skilled presentation of the facts of my position and your faith in me; I'm sure the results could have been much different. — C.S.


Best in Rochester

Excellent attorney would use over and over again..Best in Rochester by far...nice job Mr. Nobles thanks again!! -- Swiggy Swagg (Google)


I am very happy with the results of my case

I hired Mr. Nobles to handle several criminal charges.  I was found not guilty on all of them.  Mr. Nobles made sure I understood every step of the process and kept in contact with me.  I am very happy with the results of my case and will recommend him to all my friends! — Lexy


Brian is my hero - saving my freedom, reputation and career

Did you ever find yourself in the worst possible situation, one that left you feeling panicked and wishing you had a guardian angel at your shoulder you could turn to for help?  In January of 2014, I found myself in just such a place and found Brian DeCarolis standing by my side.  Brian became my own personal hero - an attorney with the experience, prestige and, most importantly, the desire to be active in my case.  Brian listened to me, believed in me and took a felony charge and defended it down to a violation - thereby saving my freedom, my reputation and my career.  He made a profound difference in my life and, for that , I am eternally grateful. - Tony M.


James Nobles is an excellent attorney

James Nobles is an excellent attorney. My case was extremely complicated and he took the time to understand the various aspects of the case and formulated the best approach. He explained the process, the options, and how the case might progress through the system. He answered all my questions - sometimes twice! While he represents many clients at a time, he was always attentive to my concerns and promptly returned phone calls, provided updates, as well as always accompanying me to court. Ultimately the charges were dismissed. I highly recommend as a defense lawyer. -- Ned Smith (Google)


I would recommend James again and again

James has helped me out of a couple situations regarding speeding.  He was able to help me keep my license and I have since learned a valuable lesson.  He was easy to deal with and helped me very much in court.  I would recommend James again and again. — Corey


Thank you so much for your professionalism and honesty

Mr. Nobles, I wanted to let you know how extremely grateful I am for your service as my attorney.  You deserve all the praise I can muster up for your efforts regarding my legal status.  I wanted to personally thank you for the excellent job you did representing me.  Never once did you mislead or misconstrue.  You were honest, sincere, and most importantly you gave me the respect of a client who could actually compensate you monetarily.  I am extremely pleased with the outcome of my court cases...trust me when I tell you - I'm counting my blessings.  Again, thank you so very much for your professionalism and honesty.  If I hear of anyone needing legal representation, I will most definitely give a 100% approval of recommendation!  I hope you respect and take great pride in knowing that you helped a desperate individual obtain the necessary means of treatment.  I have almost two months of sobriety now and I feel great.  I can tell you I have no intention of getting into any more situations with the court system.  Thank you for helping me get this opportunity to turn my life around and get back to some semblance of normalcy. — M.S.


James Nobles is one of the most accessible and competent attorneys

James Nobles is one of the most accessible and competent attorneys I have ever met.  He answered all my questions promptly and professionally.  I would recommend him to anyone. — Marshall


Mr. DeCarolis is a skilled lawyer 

My son has taken me on a life's journey with experiences I would never have thought possible nor have voluntarily sought out. Finding yourself in need of legal counsel because your child has become entangled with the criminal justice system is one of the most difficult, overwhelming and surreal struggles for a parent to endure. In search of the best attorney to handle my son's case I immediately contacted Brian DeCarolis. Having had previous knowledge of Brian's expertise I knew there was no one else I could trust to do everything possible to assist me and my son. I truly appreciate his professionalism, straightforwardness, exploration of all possible options and likely outcomes and especially his immediate responsiveness to my phone call and email inquiries. Mr. DeCarolis is a skilled lawyer with prior experience working as a district attorney. That gives him the extra edge of being able to understand and communicate critical information from both the client and judicial perspectives. Should I require legal services in the future, Brian DeCarolis would again be my first choice for representation and I would readily refer others to him if they required an accomplished advocate. - T. Marie


Saved my butt

I was charged with a gun charge and faced 7-15 in prison if we blew trial. Mr. Nobles exposed the main witness as a self serving liar. I was found not guilty in less than a half hour. My family spent a lot on him, but it was worth every penny. -- JJ (AVVO)


Mr. Nobles is the best

Mr. Nobles is the best.  He is capable and does what he says he will.  Finest attorney I have ever worked with (and that is quite a few).— Tom


Not guilty on all charges!

Not guilty on all charges!  Mr. Nobles took the time to answer all of my questions and promptly returned my phone calls.  He will be my first phone call if I ever need help again! — Helen


Awesome lawyer

When I was convicted of 3 harassment charges AND resisted arrest (a misdemeanor), I had NO idea who to call. Luckily I was talking to a friend of mine who mentioned that his lawyer, James Nobles, got his case and a couple of his friends cases dismissed also. When I called James he responded and met with me right away. He was very professional, knowledgeable, and personable at the same time. He kept me informed of what was going to happen throughout each step of the process which made me feel confident about my outcome. I could tell from the first court date that he was very experienced  and skilled in the court room. After my second court date ALL of my charges were dismissed. I couldn't have done it without the help of James, and I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone who needs a lawyer who cares about his clients and is dedicated to getting successful results. -- Brandi (AVVO)


I would definitely recommend Mr. Nobles (and have)

As a business owner with offices throughout the region, I am on the road frequently.  Like many other drivers, I too have been caught traveling a bit faster than the posted limit.  Mr. Nobles responded to my call quickly, and handled everything with the courts.  This not only saved me time by avoiding an inconvenient court appearance, but saved me money in fines and insurance rate increases.  I would definitely recommend Mr. Nobles (and have). — Scott


I would highly recommend Mr. DeCarolis and his team

Words cannot express the gratitude and appreciation Mr. DeCarolis and his team provided not only from a self prospective but from my family as well.  His character and conduct is above reproach and professionalism second to none.  I would highly recommend Mr. DeCarolis and his team for all and any legal services.  Again, I owe Mr. DeCarolis a huge debt of gratitude and appreciation from the bottom of our hearts.” - John A.


One in a million

I was arrested for Grand Larceny from my former employer in January of 2013. At that time I retained a lawyer who I had worked with before on a totally unrelated issue. My situation was complicated as it also tied into my crumbling marriage as well, and there was a lot of dirty tactics going on behind the scenes. The DA's offer to me was 3 to 9 years and my former lawyer wasn't helping at all. When we began to realize what was happening between my ex-wife and my former lawyer, my mother began researching lawyers. Mr. Nobles came highly recommended and now I know why.

Mr. Nobles is one of the most trustworthy and forthright men I have ever met. He is straight forward and fair. He doesn't sugar coat or give you any false hope. He will represent you in a manner that is honest and true to what a lawyer should be. I was impressed by him the very first time we met and have continued to be in awe of his courtroom presence and legal know how ever since. He stands on principles and most important of all, he doesn't judge. He fully recognizes that people make mistakes, and if you are truly willing to move on and make amends you'll find no better advocate than Mr. Nobles. I can only imagine how impressive he must be when he is defending someone who has literally been falsely accused.

While I am not planning on needing a criminal defense lawyer anytime in the near future, if I knew of anyone who was looking for the best legal representation in Rochester, I would give them Mr. Nobles name each and every time. I went from looking at State Prison for 3 to 9 years to serving weekends in jail. He worked out a plea deal that was fair and livable. He truly is one in a million and God forbid if you are going through anything and need representation, look no further! -- Christopher (AVVO)


I thank my lucky stars that someone recommended Mr. Nobles

I work out of town and get back to Rochester once a month for five days and I always rent a car. This particular time I didn't land until late, was very tired and in a new car, and was paying no attention that I was going 81 in a 55 MPH zone. I had never hired an attorney before, but thought the seriousness of the speed infraction merited legal representation. I thank my lucky stars that someone recommended Mr. Nobles. He worked with me, did not charge exorbitant fees and was able to have the ticket reduced to only a 2-point penalty and minimal fine. What's more, I did not have to miss any work out-of-town, since he was able to represent me and my court appearances took place without me - I never had to be there in person. He was always prompt in returning my phone calls, was very courteous and non-judgemental. Of course, at no time did he condone speeding or unsafe driving. But his over-riding interest was that of helping me and representing my interests to ensure that justice was fair and measured. -- (Google user)


Great Attorney

I was in big trouble when I hired Mr. Nobles. I was recommended to him by a friend. I was charged with some criminal domestic violence charges while going through a divorce. The claims were baseless, but very serious. I risked going to state prison and losing my kids. Mr. Nobles did his own investigation into my ex and found a lot of things I didn't even know. He took the information to the DA and the case was dismissed before I was even indicted. His aggressive investigation also and what he uncovered even helped my divorce attorney get my primary custody. I can't thank James enough. -- Tom (AVVO)


Mr. Nobles really listened to me and didn't presume my guilt

I am a convicted felon with an extensive criminal history.  I had just been arrested for a felony that could have potentially landed me 6 years in prison.  I had already been through a Public Defender and another paid counsel.  I was beginning to feel hopeless and was exhausting tons of money because no one would listen to me.  Mr. Nobles listened, he really listened to me and he didn't presume my guilt.  He followed through on my ideas and thoughts and I ended up with no prison time and a little probation.  He communicated with me every step of the way and never made me feel indifferent.  I will continue to use him for any situations and refer him to everyone. — ASM


James is the best

I would like to say, simply, James is the best in his profession and would recommend to my family and friends and anyone else who have some problems. If you need a great lawyer and friend in your corner who is really looking out for your best interest James is your guy. -- Donald Stephens (Google)


He managed to win my case after many visits to the courtroom

Though the recent DWI accusation that was brought against me was an extremely stressful experience my selection of Attorney proved to be much better than expected. Mr. Nobles was able to explain clearly to me what my options were and what the best course of action was for my Case.  He managed eventually to win my case after many visits to the courtroom.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Nobles to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation. — TransportIndustry2010


Best legal representation available

James represented me in Rochester City Court for criminal possession of a controlled substance and AUO. I believe I received the best legal representation available from Mr. Nobles and received a very lienient plea bargain especially regarding my prior criminal history and the evidence against me. I can never thank him enough and believe his legal fees were unbelievably reasonable for the quality representation I received. -- Ron (AVVO)


If you want someone to fight for your rights - you MUST call James

I've attended trials by James Nobles.  Having seen him in action in the courtroom, plus knowing his deep ethical values, causes me to have a very high regard for him.  James will go to any length to provide the finest defense for his clients.  I've recommended him to friends, family and church members.  I tell people, if you want someone to fight for your rights so you don't get lost in the legal system - you MUST call James.  -- Donald (Google)


I can't thank him enough

James literally saved my life. He represented me on an attempted murder a few years ago. It took a long time, but I was acquitted at trial. It took me a long time to get my life back, but I could not have done it without him. He broke down the DA's case every step of the way. My family and I can't thank him enough. -- Joe (AVVO)


James was a sharpshooter, picking apart the prosecution

About two years ago I found myself in a situation I never thought I'd be in. Facing some serious charges I knew had a shot at challenging them but would need a good lawyer to help me through it. James came highly recommended from a friend and without question I hired him. That was the best decision I could possibly have made. I considered the big guys (Fiandach, Shortino, etc.) but they only seemed to care about the retainer fees, and I wasn't going to chance it to a DA. James was amazing from start to finish. James took the time to explain everything in detail and make me feel comfortable, he made himself readily available and went out of his way several times to meet me. James made the whole process as simple and clear-cut as it could be and it definitely helped take some of the weight off.

When it came down to it James was a sharpshooter, picking apart the prosecution bit by bit until there was nothing left. I actually had to refrain from smiling at one point when he utterly destroyed a main witness story and it was then I knew I had the right guy. He was precise, aggressive but not arrogant, and analytical. He was able to break down an otherwise difficult defense into manageable parts and does so with ease. His repetoire with the Judge and stenographers is also very good, always a plus to have on your side.

Bottom line, don't look around, don't spend the ridiculous retainer fees, don't chance it to a DA, get this guy. Trust me, you won't regret it. -- (Google user)


NOT GUILTY on all charges!!!

My recent DWI charge was devastating. I felt bad enough about the charge and did not need anyone else to make me feel any worse. I was in fear of it destroying my career and looming over my head for years to come. James treated me with dignity and respect. He gave me the hope and support I needed and took it to trial. NOT GUILTY on all charges!!! I am extremely grateful and will always refer him to anyone in need of legal representation. -- (Google user)


Top notch criminal defense

James is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. He was clear and honest about my case and what the possible outcomes were and what he expected to come out of the case. He broke down the case piece by piece and did the best possible job anyone could ever ask for. I would recommend James Nobles to anyone in any situation where they need top notch criminal defense. -- (Google user)


Worth every penny

I was downtown and questioned by the police. I called Mr. Nobles, met with him and explained everything. Mr. Nobles was able to represent me and he was worth every penny. This matter got resolved fast and now I have a family lawyer. If anyone in my family ever needs a lawyer, we've got James Nobles. Thanks again Mr. Nobles. -- (Google user)