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If you are accused of a crime, the most important decision you will make is in choosing the right attorney.  The outcome of your case can vary dramatically based on which attorney you hire.  Keep in mind that the Government's limitless resources are working against you to obtain a conviction -- a conviction that could permanently affect your job, your reputation, your freedom and your future. 

You need an attorney who can stand up to the prosecution and the police, and fight for your case.  This is not the time to hire the family lawyer or even the top corporate law firm.  When you are dealing with criminal charges, you need a criminal defense attorney with trial experience and proven results. This is also not the time to hire a lawyer based solely on price.  Do your research and ask friends for recommendations, be wary of prices too good to be true and also of prices that force you to liquidate your life savings.

The right attorney could mean the difference between being exonerated and going home to your family, or spending years behind bars and having a conviction on your record for the rest of your life. 


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If you have been charged with a CRIME, you want JAMES NOBLES.

  • His sole focus is aggressive criminal defense
  • He is an experienced trial lawyer with proven results 
  • He is a former Monroe County prosecutor
  • He interacts with judges and the District Attorney's Office daily 
  • He will answer all your questions and explain the strategy behind every step in your case
  • He is passionate about criminal law and defending his clients

 Call Mr. Nobles now to discuss your case, or make an appointment for a free consultation.