In special cases, Mr. Nobles and Mr. DeCarolis join forces to represent a single client. When the stakes are high and the case is headed to trial, having two seasoned trial attorneys is advantageous. Beyond just having a second set of eyes and ears engaged in the case, numerous hours are spent collaborating as a team, investigating the case, strategizing, evaluating the defense, advising and preparing our client, consulting our experts, preparing witnesses and reviewing every detail of the case from start to finish.

Hired together, we combine our extensive trial skills and experience to offer our clients a level of advocacy and representation unique to our firm.


Whether hired individually or as a team, we regularly partner with our region's best professionals to build the strongest case possible for our clients. We use a variety of private investigation firms, counselors, coaches, doctors, and other forensic experts, depending on the nature of case and the defense strategy. We leave no stone unturned when conducting our own investigations and preparing our case. This attention to detail and effective use of resources has given us a strong advantage and winning track record in representing our clients.

Here are some of our most trusted partners:



Tracy Cass is a 21-year veteran of the New York State Troopers. She worked as a road patrol trooper, an undercover narcotics officer, a Uniform Sergeant, and ultimately as an Investigator for the past ten years. Ms. Cass investigated hundreds of cases including homicides, white collar crimes, child sexual abuse, rape, robbery, and burglary. She is experienced conducting undercover surveillance and collaborating with confidential informants. She has worked with numerous local, federal, and national agencies in the course of her investigations.


Trident Recovery & Investigations Group is a veteran-owned firm of former law enforcement professionals. They provide private investigative services, asset location, skip tracing and background investigations. Andrew White is the President of Trident and a former Sergeant Investigator at the Monroe County Sheriff's Office. He is also a former Naval Officer with the Anti-Terrorism Task Force. Trident has the knowledge and resources to conduct phone and computer forensic examinations that far exceed the capabilities of most law enforcement agencies.


James Donovan, Forensic Accountant: Having a forensic accountant is often a necessity if your client is charged with embezzlement, money laundering, falsifying business records or a myriad of other white collar crimes or fraud charges. Mr. Donovan is a retired IRS Special Agent, Certified Fraud Specialist and Forensic Accountant. As an IRS Agent, he spent over 36 years conducting complex financial fraud investigations specializing in tax, white collar and money laundering. As a defense expert and forensic accountant, his strengths include interviewing witnesses, documenting evidence, analysis of financial records, locating assets and expenditures, summary report preparation, and litigation support in testifying as an expert witness.


Dr. Jerid Fisher, PhD, ABN has been a forensic neuropsychologist for over three decades. Dr. Fisher's extensive career has included the founding of innovative businesses, writing collaborative works, articles, and publications and client consultations at the leading edge of neuropsychology. Since the mid-1990's, Dr. Fisher has focused his work on the forensic assessment of individuals involved in criminal and civil litigation. His work has exposed him to a broad range of cases including working with serial killers, death penalty issues and numerous facets of the criminal justice system. Dr. Fisher's expert analysis has been indispensable in several cases.


Robert Tocco has spent over 30 years in the field of substance abuse and family therapy. He regularly helps our clients with substance abuse treatment, family therapy, and anger management counseling in situations involving both court-ordered and voluntary treatment.



Don Riling is the area’s premier executive coach. When needed, we utilize his expertise to give clients the tools and skills they need to prevent making a bad situation worse. From managing the stress that can accompany high profile cases, to carefully informing their families, employers, and other stakeholders about their criminal charges, to media training, if necessary, and ultimately to helping them understand the decisions that may have landed them in our office. Mr. Riling has proven to literally be a life-saver for several clients.