In New York State, conspiracy can be either a federal or a state charge; however, it is always a felony. A conspiracy typically occurs when two or more people have an agreement to commit a crime now or sometime in the future. The members of the conspiracy can be held responsible for the actions of the other members of the conspiracy. Even more troubling, all the members of the conspiracy do not even need to know each other or know of the actions of the other parties. This can be particularly disturbing when you are being held responsible for the actions of a person you did not even know was involved in your conspiracy.

Usually conspiracy is associated with more serious felony offenses such as murder, trafficking, or fraud, but can also be associated with wire fraud, mail fraud, money laundering, or computer offenses. A conspiracy conviction can have dire consequences in the United States Federal Court system. Conspiracy charges, alone, or in conjunction with other offenses, can result in fines and mandatory jail time.

Conspiracy cases are very difficult to defend and often lead to one or more members of the conspiracy placing blame on the others. This is why it is critically important if you're charged with conspiracy in Rochester that you have an experienced trial attorney to defend you. The team at Nobles & DeCarolis has proven experience handling conspiracy cases and deflecting finger pointing by co-conspirators and their attorneys.


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