Often Mr. Nobles and Mr. DeCarolis have achieved exceptional results for their clients by being hired even before that person was charged with a crime. They intervene immediately to protect the rights of their clients, conduct their own investigations, and have prevented some of their clients from ever being charged.

In Rochester, these criminal investigations often start when a person receives a target letter from a District Attorney or an Assistant United States Attorney indicating that they are a suspect or a person of interest in a crime. In other instances, it could be as simple as getting a call from the police or the federal government requesting to talk to a person about a specific incident. If you are receiving a call like this and you are not a witness to the investigation, you are very likely a suspect. 

In any of these cases, you should contact Nobles & DeCarolis immediately to protect your rights and have us intervene on your behalf. When we speak to the authorities we often learn additional facts and circumstances that would not have been shared with our clients. This allows us to apply our legal knowledge and experience to the situation to determine next steps, or whether a meeting would be helpful or harmful. 


If you or a family member has received a target letter or call from the authorities, call Nobles & DeCarolis (585) 546-1260 to determine what your next move should be.